Our Methodology

Our process transforms paid media into your most profitable channel

Harness the power of our proven framework to turn paid media into a pipeline-generating machine, fueling your SaaS company with consistent and sustainable growth.

Our Process


Crystal-Clear Growth Targets

Our partnership starts by aligning on your growth goals. By setting pipeline contribution targets from paid ads for the quarter, we'll have a clear understanding of the growth you want to achieve. We'll also establish the constraints: max cost per lead, cost per opportunity, and cost of acquisition metrics, and define payback period and CAC targets. This solid foundation sets the stage for a growth-driven partnership.


80/20 Your Ad Performance

With a clear definition of success in place, we'll dive deep into your existing ad campaigns (if any) and optimize them for maximum performance. We'll ruthlessly cut the fat, axing underperformers, and pouring fuel on the fire for campaigns that are bringing you the most pipeline. By focusing on high-intent channels first and working our way down, we'll extract maximum value from your existing ads.


Discover New Growth Horizons

Now that your current ad campaigns are fine-tuned, it's time to explore new growth channels to expand your reach. We'll shift gears from focusing solely on down-funnel prospects to engaging those at the top, sparking interest in your brand and the market problems your solution solves. More awareness, more customers, more growth – that's the name of the game.


Data-Driven Decisions & Scaling Mastery

We're always watching the numbers, and we'll use cold, hard data to make ROI-based decisions on scaling your budget. Efficiently ramping up spend to align with your growth goals is our specialty. After all, maximizing ROI is what we live for.

Simply put, our proven framework to scale paid customer acquisition starts with focusing on the hottest leads and working our way outwards. We'll target the most aware and ready-to-buy prospects first, then warm leads, and finally the cold ones. This methodical approach ensures you have a sustainable and efficient growth engine for your B2B SaaS business. By capturing opportunities across the entire spectrum of buyer awareness, we pave the way for long-term success, building a revenue-generating machine that's both consistent and scalable.

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can I expect to see results from working with SaaSfluence?

While each business is unique, most clients see significant improvements in their ad performance within the first 30 days. As we optimize your existing campaigns and expand into new growth channels, you can expect continued growth over time.

Can you work with any B2B SaaS business, regardless of size or industry?

We work best with companies who have achieved product-market fit and are looking for massive growth. Ideally, your ARR is $500k+, you have an average deal size of under $100k, have a total addressable market over 3,000, and have at least 1 - 2 full time marketers on staff.

How involved will I be in the process?

We believe in collaboration and open communication. While we'll handle the heavy lifting, we'll keep you informed every step of the way through transparent reporting, insights, and regular check-ins. You’ll have access to a dedicated Slack channel with our team and yours, plus our real-time performance reporting 24/7.

Do you guarantee results?

This is a partnership. We can guarantee that the strategy we help you put together will drive more marketing-contributed pipeline and closed won deals, as long as you have the internal sales team and resources to close the opportunities we generate for you. And if it doesn't work (from our end), we'll work for free until it does.

Do we have to sign a contract?

Nope. We bill quarterly. If you're sick and tired of us after your first 90 days, just give us a heads up and everyone can walk away unscathed.

Do you require a minimum ad spend budget?

Yes. You should be prepared to spend a minimum of $5,000 USD per month. Anything less than that is difficult to work with. Most clients start out at $10k - $15k.


Tired of growing slowly?

Tell us a bit about your business and book at time to connect. On the call, we'll help you game plan your next marketing move and offer to help if there's a fit. And if not, we'll tell you that, too.